MAKSAN was established as a partnership in 1974 in Malatya province. The company, which had 120.000 m² uncovered and 11.000 m² covered area, first started to manufacture transformers under Bonar-Long, England license. In a short time, its "Project and Product Development Group" developed MAKSAN project and brand. Since the first years of its establishment, the company was a leader in its sector thanks to its quality and careful machine park selection, innovative and accurate production approach. MAKSAN, which have more than 33 years experience, not only supplies its products to the domestic market but also exports them to three different continents.

Our Domain

MAKSAN, which produced more than 70,000 transformers in 33 years for various sectors and enterprises, can manufacture 2000 MVA or 5,000 pieces transformers per year. In national and international markets MAKSAN provides service to public establishments like TEDAS, TEIAS, DSI, DHMI, Rural Services Administration, Sugar Factories, MKE, Turkish Telecom, ISKI, ASKI, Municipalities, etc.; private sector enterprises like iron-steel industry, refineries, oil-chemistry plants, rolling mills, textile factories, tourism facilities, etc. and many industry companies.