PROCENTEC is a specialist in PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology and develops products to optimize the production processes of end users. Our innovative solutions ensure that our customers successfully operate in the world of industrial automation and enjoy maximum results from their processes.

PROCENTEC Services & Support

PROCENTEC globally supplies all the components required to install a measurable and controllable network. Our products measure, signal and connect the various elements of a process installation and ensure it runs optimally. We develop and produce all products in the Netherlands and export them through our worldwide distribution network. PROCENTEC also is the international accredited Competence and Training center for PROFIBUS and PROFINET. We provide training courses that help employees using those techniques optimally for their business objectives. In addition we also provide the necessary support to end users during their implementation procedures, certification processes, audits and malfunctions.


• Atlas
• ProfiTrace
• ComBricks
• ProfiHub
• PROFINET tools
• Cables and connectors
• VPSwitch
• VPGate


We are known for being service oriented, reliable and for delivering high quality solutions to our customers. With over twenty years of experience with PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet, our experts are always standing by to create the optimum solution. By doing so, we uphold innovation and the customer’s need in highest regard. As the industrial automation market is changing rapidly, we continue to innovate and develop, in order to remain the most reliable service provider and knowledge partner for our customers. Quality, continuity, service and sustainability are essential to us. That is how we can provide our customers with groundbreaking and tailormade solutions.