Why OTC ?

This might be the most significant question “Why OTC” ?

The answer is simple yet unique. Something that we take very seriously is the fact that every client that works with us is royalty and deserves to be given a personalized service. Every customer domestic and international is treated with utmost engagement and team OTC ensures to deliver the best possible client service.

Moreover, OTC takes pride in being the industrial vendor of choice in Pakistan where its represents more than 20 OEMs. Alongside, OTC is also an international trade partner in Europe and US. The achievement is a result of OTC mature processed and a diversified experienced team of professionals that are focused to deliver optimum results.

OTC holds the privilege of serving around 300 domestic and international clients most of which maintain a continuous stream of recurring business and OTC continues to serve and build long lasting relationships.

Furthermore, OTC has two domestic offices in Pakistan, Lahore and Karachi and two international offices in Dubai and Melbourne and the organization continues to grow at a fast pace. In the next 5 years, OTC plans to open 3 new international arenas to cope up with its long term growth plan.

How OTC has raised the bar when compared with the rest of the industry is by providing:

  1. 1. Best Market Prices
  2. 2. 100 % Genuine Equipment & Spare Parts
  3. 3. Standard Warranty
  4. 4. Extremely flexible delivery terms
  5. 5. Customized Payment terms
  6. 6. Minimum lead time