Since its founding in 1968, Micronor has been global “go-to” manufacturer for rotation sensor solutions, including geared limit switches, encoders, resolvers, motorized potentiometers and other components for the automation industry. Our extremely modular systems help us to conceive designs, prototypes and production units in record time. Our technology portfolio offers the broadest range of products from electromechanical to electronic to optical to fiber optics. Only 40 years of proven experience can provide such a wide range of capabilities. Quality and precision are exemplified by our ISO9000 certification in Switzerland.

MICRONOR is an ISO 9000 certificated company. MICRONOR provides optimized solutions throughout the world. MICRONOR specializes in the development and manufacturing of electro-mechanical and optical sensors. Its main product line consists of visualization, hand-held programming units, geared limit switches, motorized potentiometers, encoders, resolvers, fiber optic sensors, inclination sensors, digital web monitoring and time switches.